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Serviced Office Costs And Economic Benefits

Serviced Office Costs Represent A Saving For Australian Businesses

The trend towards serviced offices and co-working space is continuing to grow and recent research suggests that the reduced operating costs for businesses in serviced offices and co-working space will increase Australia’s economic output by a massive $122 Billion by 2030.

Businesses in serviced offices and co-working space are able to reduce overheads by removing fitout costs and technology investment as well as moving to a pay per use model for areas such as meeting rooms and temporary desks instead of leasing space that is rarely used.

By 2030 up to 12% of all commercial office space in Australia is expected to be provided as serviced offices and flexible co-working space. That is a big increase from the current 2.5 to 3%.

Serviced Office Costs

One of the biggest advantages of the serviced office model is that companies don’t have to sign a ten year lease on commercial office space in the modern economic environment where workforce numbers are hard to predict two years ahead, let alone ten years. The serviced office model means companies can increase and decrease office space in parallel to workforce number movement. In short, the serviced office model has made real estate an “on demand” service instead of a long term liability.

Serviced Offices Keeping Up With Technology

With businesses more dependent than ever on technology, the cost of keeping technology up to date can be formidable. With internet and lan infrastructure as well as printers, copiers, video conferencing, electronic whiteboards etc supplied and maintained by a serviced office the cost of maintaining and managing technology for a business is reduced considerably.

Many small businesses find that after moving into a new office, there can be long waits to get nbn connected and many areas still struggle to get decent internet speeds. Serviced Offices have internet access ready to plug in for new clients and often have access to higher speed internet than would be affordable to individual businesses. @workspaces has direct fibre access with upload and download speeds in excess of 200mbps which is double the highest speed offered by nbn.


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