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We’d love to host your brand for sampling, events and pop-ups, product placement, or other marketing opportunities.

We are very proud and appreciative of our highly engaged and loyal clients, as such we are excited to help them discover relevant brands and products that we know they will love.


Product Collaboration

@workspaces has enjoyed partnering with Brandcrush, a company that is best described as an Activation marketplace.

They connect brands with people, in the real world. In this digital world, consumers crave physical experiences. They want shareable interactions with brands that are genuine and highly personalised. Marketers, now more than ever, are turning to proven experiential and sampling strategies to engage with consumers, drive purchase, and deliver on ROI. Brandcrush is cutting through the clutter and giving marketers an easy to use platform to find and book spaces to activate their brand and connect with their audience.
@Workspaces being a flexible workspace, is the ideal place for a brand to connect with a diverse audience. Offering a choice of serviced offices, co-working space as well as “managed office space” in prestigious locations, @Workspaces is not only a perfect solution for every business but every brand wanting to connect with consumers.
Atworkspaces has hosted companies such as Brown Brothers and Sonder Wines launch their latest products in our centres. Our clients have not only enjoyed sampling the products, they were able to provide the brands with positive feedback.

To learn more about the opportunities we have and request to book on Brandcrush go to:


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