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Coworking Trends


Coworking Trends in 2021 show that coworking office operators are more focused on technology. This is not surprising given the increased demand for technology during Covid lockdowns over the past year. Where previously a coworking centre may have had employees working staggered shifts to provide the widest possible support to coworkers, Technology has taken over. Access to printers, copiers and sometimes even meeting rooms is managed by Technology in such a way that coworkers see no interruption to their work habits. Access cards, coworking space management software, booking system, attendance system, automated invoices, time trackers etc. have all become so advanced that some have suggested that it is no longer necessary to staff a coworking centre at all. Atworkspaces doesn't agree with this philosophy at all. We believe that one of the key advantages of coworking is the cummunity and our staff are part of that community just as much as or customers. We love embracing new technologies that replace the mundane tasks but our commitment to face to face service remains.coworking trends

Multiple Locations

With work trends being rapidly and permanently changed by Covid, coworkers in 2021 are tending to opt for a coworking workspace provider that has multiple locations within a city, a state and even interstate. This allows them to choose to work at any of the locations. At a time when rolling lockdowns cause constraints, workers want to embrace flexibility whenever it is available. Being able to arrange to meet clients at a coworking centre that is most convenient to them is a great way to do business. Likewise, having adapted work processes to allow working from home, coworkers can use the technologies and processes to work from an interstate location such as the Gold Coast while the family is enjoying school holidays. When choosing a serviced office / coworking centre with Atworkspaces, you also get access to our centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBDs, Gold Coast, Toorak, Double Bay, Richmond, Milton and Brighton (vic).

Workpace Design

One of the things [@workspaces is known for, is the quality of the interior design and facilities in all our centres. The design of each of our centres is cutting edge for quality, style and functionality and it is not uncommon for visitors to fall in love with the space in the first look. But as each new centre is opened, this is getting better and better. Sitting desks, standing desks, sofas, couch, balanceball chairs are all normal. Moreover, we know that coworkers have different tastes and modes of travel.

coworking facilitiesOur centres are located near public transport including trains, trams and even ferries. They also have bicycle storage facilities, end of trip facilities such as showers and lockers. The @workspaces coworking space design has evolved and continues to evolve to meet the needs of coworkers.

The Corporate Shift

In their infancy coworking spaces were targeted towards freelancers, solo entrepreneurs or small businesses but with the future of work being brought into question by Covid, large corporations are exploring coworking spaces for their employees. This shift is happening because managers and workers have realised that workers no longer need to be in the same expensive office suites in the CBD to be effective. Coworking spaces across multiple locations is becoming a more worker friendly model and a cheaper model for many corporations. @Workspaces  coworking centres offer corporate friendly facilities including open workspaces, small private offices, lounge area, kitchen facilities, boardrooms and meeting rooms.



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