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Preparing For Tough Times

Companies Can Reduce CBD Real Estate Costs By Using Serviced Offices

With some tough economic times predicted, now is a good time to review fixed business overheads including your real estate leasing costs.

The last few months have shown that most businesses don't need all of their employees to be taking up expensive CBD floor space when they could be working remotely either from home or a cheaper suburban office.  Of course this only makes financial sense if you can reduce your committments to CBD rents at the same time.  So how do you downsize but retain the prestige and access that your CBD address provides?  One option is a CBD serviced office.

Melbourne Serviced Offices
@atWorkspaces Melbourne

Some serviced offices such as @atWorkspaces' Brisbane Serviced Offices and Melbourne Serviced Offices have been designed precisely for businesses that want lower costs but maintain a prestige address and first class facilities.  We have been careful to select the best buildings in the most sought after streets and then no expense has been spared in desinging and fitting out the office space to the absolute highest standard.  For most of our clients, the downgrade in cost has come with an upgrade in the quality of the offices.

Our Brisbane Serviced Offices are at 324 Queen St Brisbane in the very heart of the Brisbane CBD. The building houses car parking facilities, cycle parking and excellent end of trip facilities.  A first-class concierge service is located in the building lobby to assist visitors in finding you in this stunning contemporary designed office space.  Queens St Mall shopping and dining, train station and River Cat Terminal are all close by.

Our Melbourne Serviced Offices are located in arguably the most prestigious office building in Melbourne's CBD,  at 171 Collins Street Melbourne.  The fittout of these offices is nothing short of breathtaking with visitors mesmerized by the wall of bottles, natural timber floors and light bright colours in the reception area. 

Melbourne Serviced Office Space
@atWorkspaces Melbourne Reception

The individual offices are equally impressive in their fittout. The facility is designed to the highest environmental standards and has achieved a 6 Star Green Star rating. Its location is ideal for commuters with a short walk to Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. The grand old victorian building itself hosts an on site concierge in the lobby and clients have full access to the end of trip facilities which are second to none. Car parking is located underneath the building and is available at very competitive rates.  The building is also  home to many of Australia's best known corporate giants. 

Of course this all comes with the cost savings of downgrading your committment to floor space while still having access to meeting rooms and boardrooms on a pay per use basis.  The pay per use aspect of a serviced office is where the real savings can be made.  Traditional office space would include boardrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and staff facilities that are greatly under utilized but which cost the same per square metre when empty as they do when full.  Only paying for areas you are using isn't just smart, it is an obvious but often overlooked area where many businesses could be making savings.

Australia has been slower to embrace the serviced office model than many countries but, just like online shopping (which we also dragged our feet at), we have rapidly caught up in recent months.  Initially this uptake of serviced offices has been in suburban centres to accomodate staff where working from home wasn't the best option, but now companies are looking to take that next logical step of moving corporate headquarters into CBD serviced offices.

@atWorkspaces is conducting site tours of our Brisbane Serviced Offices and Melbourne Serviced Offices on an appointment basis in order to maintain social distancing requirements.  To book a tour call 1300 818 128 or email us a request HERE


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