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Working from home is not a viable option for everyone

Local Serviced Offices Might Be Your Solution

Working from home is not a viable option for everyone no matter how many Zoom meetings, Skype calls, ZOHO or Asana projects you set up.

Work From Home Alternative

Many homes simply are not designed to be offices especially if you are working in a confined space alongside isolated family members looking for distractions. Not every home has the high speed internet that modern workplaces need or a separate office area to make confidential phone calls. The trend over many years towards living in apartments and townhouses means that for a very large part of the workforce, there is simply no available space suitable as a workspace.

Mentally just switching on to work is harder when sitting with your laptop at the kitchen table. You are surrounded by distractions, from those dishes you meant to put away, the DIY project in the corner and garbage waiting to go out.  At the same time the advantages of avoiding that long daily commute are going to be hard to ignore.

A local serviced office offers an excellent alternative to working from home while retaining the advantages of staying local. Serviced offices provide professional, quiet and technology rich environments that are more conducive to work than the kitchen table. Atworkspaces has single offices and multi person offices available, all fully serviced with the highest level of technology from high speed internet to printing, copying and video conference facilties.  Alternatively, if working from home works for you up to a point, a Virtual office with the ability to drop in and use meeting rooms and technology may be your best solution. Atworkspaces has serviced office and virtual office solutions that are surprisingly affordable especially considering the productivity gains from a professional office environment.


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