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Working From Home? - A Serviced Office Could Be The Answer

Working from home can be great in theory but in practice can be very difficult.  Lack of reliable high speed internet, cost of replicating office printing, copying and scanning equipment across multiple employee locations and lack of control of workplace health and safety are just a few of the issues that may need to be dealt with.

Gold Coast Serviced Office
Gold Coast Serviced Office

Local serviced offices can fill the gap allowing employees to stay local without having to compromise on work facilities.  In fact, it is likely the equipment, technology and other facilities in a serviced office could exceed the quality in your existing office and you only pay for what you use.

You probably have noticed that with the number of people at home, the internet has got noticably slower.  In fact streaming serviced like Netflix and Youtube have had to reduce the quality of streamed video because bandwidth demands have increased so much.  @atWorkspaces has invested in direct fibre internet access that is up to 2X the highest available NBN speeds.  This level of connection is simply not available in private homes and means our clients have no issues with slowing or unreliable internet speeds.

Another work at home alternative is the Virtual Office.  You can maintain a professional address and phone answering while allowing employees to come to a local office to use meeting rooms and other facilities when required.  This means they can work from home when that is an option, and use the advanced office facilities of @atWorkspaces when they are needed.

You can check out @atWorkspaces serviced and virtual office services on our website here.


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